The decision to include prefabricated bathroom CUBIK® and CUBIK® Steel, by Hydrodiseño for different construction projects as the preferred choice compared to traditionally built bathrooms on site, is due to the significant experience obtained and the increasingly growing demand in recent years for prefabricated modules, based on the overwhelming advantages obtained.

Energy Efficient: Because of its structure, CUBIK®/CUBIK® Steel offers considerable heat retention and insulation, which means maximum energy savings and less maintenance costs due to optimum efficiency. What's more, CUBIK®/CUBIK® Steel works incredibly well with heating systems as well as cooling systems.

Reduction of residual materials: The industrialized fabrication process of CUBIK®/CUBIK® Steel allows for a substantial reduction in residual waste compared to traditional bathroom fabrication, meaning that the materials required are drastically reduced and thus creating an important overall savings.

Noise reduction: During the positioning and installation phase of CUBIK®/CUBIK® Steel, there is no vibration or excess noise transmitted to the surrounding construction site environment, which is an important benefit for both the onsite construction workers and local residents in the area.

Water Savings: In the prefabricated concrete construction of CUBIK® the consumption of water is reduced due to less concrete waste, which implicates an important water savings during the industrialized fabrication process.

Decreased Energy Spending: The use of CUBIK®/CUBIK® Steel reduces the overall energy consumption and fabrication costs that are used in the construction for each prefabricated bathroom. The energy expenditure is targeted exclusively in optimizing the fabrication of each individual module.

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